Dark Planet Media specializes in Professional Photoshopping Services to help companies or individuals clean up or modify photos for professional or personal use.  Need to have someone or something removed from a photo?  We’ve got you covered!  Need Professional Photography Services to help capture products for a catalogue?  We’re here to help!  Dark Planet Media can take just about any image and make it look the way you want it to look.  From cleaning up LinkedIn profiles pictures to editing Group Photos…Dark Planet Media has been serving Michigan with Professional Photoshopping Services for over 10 years!

Phone:  248-212-8570


Dark Planet Media, headquartered in Madison Heights, Michigan specializes in cutting-edge Web Design services paired with professional Print and Business Identity Services.  We’re Michigan’s Best custom Web Design company because we listen to our clients and delivery quality services at reasonable rates.  We offer Custom Apparel like Custom T-Shirts and Custom Work Shirts to all Michigan business no matter their size or location.  We specialize in getting your business noticed in Metro-Detroit with affordable web design services and cheap logo design services.  We’re here to help!

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